The way E-Submission administrators and accounting users will log in to the E-Submission service will soon be changing. The primary reasons for these changes are to increase security and to set the stage for a single sign on function so that authorized users will have access to both E-Submission and the Iowa Land Records “Search” application using the same user ID and password. Here is a brief illustration of how the new login process will work, when implemented.

Current Login: Today a submitter will go to the E-Submission login page at All that is required is a simple user ID and password.

New Login:  Similarly, a user will be asked to enter a username and password as illustrated here. However, some new rules will be in place.

  • New password requirements will be implemented. Preliminarily, the rule will be a minimum of 14 characters; alphanumeric and the following special characters would be permitted: @!%*?&
  • Passwords will need to pass baseline best practices for complexity
  • Passwords will need to be updated periodically with limits on the use of prior passwords; these will be programmatically enforced

Two Factor Authentication: If the user ID and password are entered correctly, the user will be instructed to enter a token to verify their identity. The Iowa Land Records system will generate the token and send it to the authorized user via email. The user will need to check their email, copy the token, and then enter it into the form. If the user ID and password are not correct, or if the token is not correctly entered within a defined period of time, then the user will not be provided access to the E-Submission service.

E-Submission users should expect these login changes to be implemented during the first quarter of 2023. Access to the Iowa Land Records Search application with single sign on will occur later. The Iowa Land Records team will be making significant updates to the Search application which will be developed and implemented later in 2023.