1. Submit an Application to Become an E-Submitter

This online application is simple and only takes minutes to fill out. Simply enter your information, click submit and wait to hear from our team!


2. Your Application Will Be Processed in 1-2 Business Days 

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by one of our customer service and account management professionals. Once approved, you will be added as an Iowa Land Records e-submitter. Please note, while we strive to process applications as soon as possible, in some cases it might require 1-2 business days. Don’t wait for the emergency need to electronically file a document in Iowa to apply; have your account set up and ready to go!


3. Configure Your Account and Start Submitting

After you’ve worked with our team to set up a username and password, you’ll need to add a method of payment, as well as additional users from your team who might need to submit documents. Once you’ve updated your account settings and are satisfied, you can start submitting to every county in the state of Iowa.

Elevate Your E-submission Expertise

At Iowa Land Records, we know how important it is not just to set up our customers, but to set them up for success. We offer a number of resources to help you learn the ins and outs of the e-submission, which in turn will improve the percentage of your submitted documents that are approved. 

One-on-One Walk-Through

Need a little extra guidance to get through your first e-submission? Reach out to schedule a phone call with our customer service and account manager, who will walk you through your first electronic document submission as well as answer any lingering questions you might have.

Training Video Libray

Submitting land records electronically at any time of day can save valuable time. Our step-by-step video demonstrations are available below to help make the process even easier by covering topics from setting up payment to replacing a document.

Live Webinar Demonstration

Led by a systems specialist, you’ll get to experience a step-by-step demonstration and ask direct questions. Plus, in our e-submission training webinars, you get n opportunity to see both the customer’s and recorder’s interface, so you get an understanding of the submission process from start to finish.

Downloadable PDF Guides

Some customers prefer to download and/or print a copy of our E-Submission Training Guide to keep handy while working in Iowa Land Records e-submission. This guide covers various processes within the e-submission, providing best practices along the way.