The Iowa Land Records development team continues to make progress on the E-Submission 2.0 recorders interface, moving administrative functions from the legacy interface to the new one. As these administrative functions are developed in the new interface, the Iowa Land Records team is also exploring enhancements to the following functions:

  • Updating users and passwords
  • Re-stamping recorded documents
  • Updating county Information
  • Generating transaction reports

After these functions are moved to the new interface, they will be removed from the old interface so counties will no longer have to work within both applications to access specific types of content.

A series of training videos will be produced in conjunction with these updates to ensure all county recorders and staff are able to more easily transition to the newly available functions in E-Submission 2.0. The new interface will improve efficiency in workflow among recorders and staff, who will be able to more quickly process documents and communicate with customers when errors or adjustments occur.

The development team has also begun preliminary work on the E-Submission 2.0 customer interface.

In conjunction with the release of the new customer interface, the ILR team is planning an extensive seminar series that will take place in more than 40 counties across Iowa. This seminar series is scheduled to take place in the spring and summer of 2021 and will help train customers on the new interface.

Although planning efforts are currently underway, the team is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and is prepared to switch to a virtual or hybrid event series as needed.