E-Submission 2.0 Training Materials & Resources

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Real Estate Transfer DOV Information

To see the most up-to-date Declaration of Value form, please follow the link below to the state tax form website and set the search fields to the current year, “DOV” and choose “Property Taxes” under Tax Type. After clicking “search,” the DOV form and instructions are available to view.

FILING INSTRUCTIONS: Iowa Code section 428A.1 requires that a “Declaration of Value” statement reflecting the full consideration paid in certain nonexempt real estate conveyances be submitted to the county recorder at the time a deed, contract, instrument, or other writing is presented for recording. The blank area at the top of page 1 of form 57-006, Real Estate Transfer – Declaration of Value, is for use by the county recorder.


NEW 2023 Groundwater Hazard Process: Active Feb 15, 2023

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources' rule changes to the Iowa Administrative Code section 558.69 to align groundwater hazard statements with current legislation became active on February 15, 2023. HF2343

Click here to download a PDF of the new Groundwater Hazard form (active on Feb. 15, 2023)

Click here to download a PDF of Iowa Department of Natural Resources press release and instructions

2022 resources are available for your reference in another tab. We will add more resources for the new form as it becomes available.

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E-Submission 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current login information transfer to the new E-Submission 2.0 system?

Yes. Your current E-Submission username and password will work in the new E-Submission 2.0 application.

Will our payment information transfer to the new system?

Yes, all payment information will transfer.

Can you have more than one E-Submitter Admin within an organization?

Yes. As with the legacy system, you are still permitted to designate more than one administrator within the organization’s E-Submission account. You can also still designate users as E-Submitters.

Have document formatting standards changed?

No. The document formatting requirements have not changed.

Do you have to add each document one at a time?

Yes. While you can still add multiple documents to a group, as with the current E-Submission application, each document must be uploaded to the group one at a time along with the corresponding document details. Multiple documents cannot be added to a group all at once.

Can I change the county I want to submit to after I have created the group?

Yes. You can open the group, click the group name to edit the group. Then, select the CHANGE COUNTY button and choose the correct county from the dropdown menu. You are not able to change the county if the document and group has already been submitted for recording. If you submit to the incorrect county, it will likely be declined by the recorder. To ensure that an erroneous submission is declined, please call the county immediately and ask them to decline the document. Once the document is returned to you, follow the steps above to change the county and resubmit.

Before submitting a group, will you be able to see the total fees for the group?

Not at this time. Within the E-Submission workflow, users will see an instant fee update as each document is added. However, within the current workflow, you cannot see total fees for the group.

In the near future, an enhancement has been planned to allow users to see the total fee for each group. Watch for announcements about this pending change.

Will documents I add to a group be saved if I log out before submitting the group?

Yes. As with the current E-Submission interface, you have the ability to start a group, logout and return to work on the group later. Please note that any groups that appear in your “Pending Groups” list when you login require your attention. If a group is labeled “In Progress,” that group has not yet been submitted to the county.

Do we have to add the real estate value if we are submitting releases?

The real estate value is not required to submit a release. The real estate value field is active for deeds, warranty deeds and quit claim deeds.

Will we be able to recall after submission, but before recording?

No. Once you submit a group to the recorder, the only way to pull that group back into your pending groups workspace is to contact the county directly to ask them to decline the group. Please review the County Recorder Directory to find contact information for all 99 Iowa counties. 

Is there a place to add comments or questions for the county recorder, such as with fee changes or declined documents?

Yes. The History section allows you to communicate with the recorder’s office. Enter a comment in the text area and select save. The message will be delivered when you submit the group to the county.

The recorder may also send you a message if they decline a document or change the fee. Messages are displayed in chronological order to easily follow the message thread.

What tools are available for users to review recently recorded documents?

To view recently recorded documents, use the search function available on the top menu bar. The search function allows you to search by recently recorded documents, group name, submission number, or by county.

Document images are stored within the e-submission interface for a limited amount of time. Recorded documents are always available for viewing through the Iowa Land Records Search application.

Does the new E-Submission 2.0 interface require users to enter a Grantor or Grantee?

Technically, yes. The new interface only allows you to enter one party name, and it can be either the grantor or grantee. As a best practice, enter a person’s name as the party whenever possible. Otherwise, enter a company name if they are the customer in the transaction. Avoid entering the name of the financial institution making a loan, for example.

If you are submitting a document that does not have a grantor or grantee designated, such as an Affidavit, simply add the party name. The recorder will correct the party type if there is an error. Even though you are submitting only one party name, be assured that all party names in a document will be indexed by the county.

Will we still only be charged once the document is recorded?

Yes. As with the current E-Submission system, a customer is not charged until the entire group has been approved and recorded by the county. Submitters using ACH/EFT for payment will see one line item on their bank statement for the charges for one day. Submitters using credit cards for payment will see a line item for each transaction.

When we use the search function, will we be able to view the payment details for each submission?

No. The results displayed in a SEARCH report will not show the charge details for each submission. However, you can generate a settlement report to view all document payment details. Select the ADMIN menu, and then choose REPORTS. Specify a report period or date range, and then select the GENERATE REPORT button. Download the report in one of the specified formats (TEXT, CSV, EXCEL or PDF).

Can you download, save and/or print recently recorded documents?

Yes. You can review document images within the search function. Simply select the REVIEW DOCUMENT button in the DOCUMENT DETAILS section, and from there you can download and save a document for future viewing or printing.