Scams seem to get more and more clever each day, but do you know what to do if a suspicious letter threatening financial consequences arrives in your mailbox?

In May of 2023, a Webster County resident opened their mail to find a concerning message about a home warranty expiration date from “County Deed Records”. The letter contained a “renewal fee voucher” resembling a check for $199 and requested immediate action or be left vulnerable to repair costs out of pocket. This letter is a SCAM.

The Iowa County Recorders Association and Iowa Land Records both confirm that this letter is false and is not connected to a government entity in any way. From our research, this scam letter has been sent to homes across the United States as far back as 2019, and some cases, may note the homeowner’s mortgage lender and ID. Now, the letter has resurfaced in Iowa.

If you come across this letter (pictured below) DO NOT RESPOND to the letter and DO NOT CASH a false check that may be attached to the letter.

  • Do not pay
  • Do not call
  • Do not go to the website
  • Do not deposit voucher/ check
  • Do not return any mail requests

Webster County Recorder, Lindsay Laufersweiler, had this to say about the scam letter,

 “Scams are everywhere! Thankfully this individual came into the office to research. This mailing was NOT sent by County Recorders. (Please remember to) do your research and ask questions. You’ll be glad you did!”

Created and maintained by County Recorders and the Electronic Services System, Iowa Land Records is an easy-to-use online database and electronic submission service that allows users to search and submit real estate documents in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

To find your local County Recorder, go here.

(Photo courtesy of Webster County Recorder’s office. Redacted for privacy.)