The next generation of the Iowa Land Records search application has arrived! Now, you can search by different categories, save common searches and more at faster speeds in a sleek, modern layout free of charge. For more information about the updated Terms of Service, search account definitions, and other updates please explore our video catalog and FAQ section below.

NOTICE: Iowa Land Record’s first-generation search application (legacy) WILL BE RETIRED later this year.

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Search & Single-Sign-On Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the old Iowa Land Records search site be available in the future?

No, the first-generation search application, legacy search, will be discontinued later this year. We encourage you to prepare for the change and use Search 2.0 immediately. For helpful tips and tutorials, visit our YouTube channel for more resources.

Q. What does single sign-on or CAS login mean?

With Iowa Land Records latest updates, verified users are enabled to log onto one site to use the search and/ or e-submission applications. We refer to this as “single sign-on” or the “CAS login”. CAS stands for “Central Authentication System”.

Q. What is the difference between Business Search and Individual Search?

a. Business Users – These users are tied to an industry or organization such as real estate, banking, surveyors, and more. Businesses must complete an application form with more details so we can verify their business functions and provide security to the Iowa Land Records system. Once verified and approved, business users are enabled to access their login to (e-submission, search or both).

b. Individual Users – Iowa Land Records are public documents that people can search at no cost. Since individuals have different reasons to search for records than a business, the application for individuals was simplified. All persons utilizing the search database are asked to create an account to eliminate the likelihood of bots accessing the system. We want to keep information safe and accessible, so please contact us for questions or registration assistance.

Q. As an existing user, can I login with my old password? Do I need to complete a new registration form?

This answer depends on the user account. All existing users have been asked to agree to the updated Term of Service through the business application.

a. Business accounts that agreed to the updated Terms of Service will receive an email after search has been added to your account. Administrators may add search users on their account. Watch this video for instructions on how to do this.

  1. Existing E-Submission User: You will not need a new username. As a user under a business account, your administrator will manage your account and can add access to search for users. If the administrator needs to request access to search for users, an application will need to be submitted. Administrators can find the application HERE.
  2. Existing Search-Only User: All search-only users will need to create a new username and password. Your organization may have already accepted the new terms, so check with your administrator first to see if they can add you to the search application under user management.

b. New users: May eligible to be added by their business administrator or, if you are an individual not conducting business, you can complete the individual application form. After your application has been verified, you will receive an email with information on how to setup your new username and password for the new search application.

Q. Will "Search Only Users" go directly to the search application or to a landing page? Can they see the application for e-submission?

Search only users will go directly to the search application. They will not see the e-submission application.

E-submission only users will go directly to the e-submission application and will not be enabled to access search.

E-submission users with search enabled accounts  will be directed to the e-submission application upon logging in. Then can navigate to the search app by clicking on “ILR Search” in the menu bar. To see how to navigate with both applications, watch this video.

Q. What does the counter on my documents downloaded mean?

For security purposes, users have limited document views per day. The counter resets every 24 hours. If for any reason you need to view or download more records than your daily limit, please contact our support team. Please provide as much information about your project and needs as possible.

Q. What happens if I don't log into my account for a few months?

Each user is asked to update their password every 90 days. After 120 days without a successful login to the user account, the user becomes inactive. Steps to reactivate the account depends on the user situation.

a. Business User/ Non-Administrator (User belongs under a business account with an assigned account administrator) Contact your administrator. The administrator may choose to reactivate or delete any deactivated user accounts. 

b. Business Administrator To reactivate the user or to request a new account administrator, please contact support HERE. Any other active administrator on the account may also reactivate the administrator.

c. Individual Search Only User Your account is not associated with a business or organization. Please contact support to be reactivated. CONTACT SUPPORT.

Q. Does the search application allow e-submission users to look up past e-submission?

Within e-submission, the menu item “E-Search” only shows documents submitted for recording by your organization.  Images are archived regularly to save space, therefore, only recent documents may be visible. All documents, paper and electronic, are transferred to the ILR Search application by the counties.

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