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Searching and submitting land records electronically at any time of day can save valuable time. Our step-by-step video demonstrations are available below to help make the process even easier. 

QUICK CLIPS: Learning in 2 minutes or less!

Account & Payment

How to Add Users to Your
E-Submission Account

How Can I Pay for My Electronic Submissions? 

How to Review Your Payment History in E-Submission

E-Submission Skills

How to Update Your Preferences to Show the Short Form By Default

How to Format Documents for E-Submission

How to Replace & Delete Documents in E-Submission

How to Search for Documents in E-Submission

Understanding the Status of My E-Submission

FULL-LENGTH DEMOS: See a process from start to finish!

Setting the Short Form as Your Default

Short Form 101 

Searching for Previously Submitted Documents 

Adding Documents to a Group

Replacing Documents in a Group 

Deleting Documents from a Group 

Change Document Sequence in a Group

Generating the Same Party Name